"I will bring them to my Holy mountain and make them joyful in my house of prayer!"

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Santa Fe, TX 409-925-2552

Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Santa Fe, TX 409-925-2552

Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Santa Fe, TX 409-925-2552Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Santa Fe, TX 409-925-2552Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Santa Fe, TX 409-925-2552


AUMC Chancel Choir

Praise Team and Chancel Choir

The Praise Team is a very talented group of musicians who perform during Sunday Worship.  The Chancel Choir sings  during Sunday Service and performs a cantata for Easter and Christmas each year.  The Praise Team and Choir meet every Wednesday evening.   If you play an instrument or sing (or both) and wish to join or practice  with them, feel free to contact the Music Director, Michael Myers.


United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women (UMW) are called Susanna Circle and meet on the second Thursday of every month at 10am.  All are welcome to attend. There is usually a short meeting followed by a light lunch.  Come by and meet this fine group of ladies and enjoy the fellowship!


United Methodist Men

The United Methodist Men meet on the first  Saturday of every month at 7:30am.  EVERYONE is welcome to attend their  meetings. Breakfast is served followed by a special presentation or  speaker. This is a great opportunity to meet and socialize with the men  of Aldersgate UMC! 


*NEW* Men's Bible Study

Monday nights @ 6:30pm in Family Life Center

 A NEW Men's Bible Study is tentatively scheduled to begin on April 13th. It will meet on Mondays @ 6:00pm. 

The course study will be “Heaven” presented by: Rev. R.C. Sproul.  In teaching His disciples about heaven, Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” But what did Jesus mean? In this series, R.C. Sproul provides clear teaching about heaven, explaining that Christians have the greatest hope - the hope of glory. In examining Scripture, he shows that heaven is the home of God’s chosen people, the church. 

All men are invited to join in on this enlightening series.  A sign-up sheet is located in the Narthex or for more information, contact Jay Arnold 


Prayer Quilt Ministry

The Quilting Ministry is a dedicated group of ladies who meet weekly to sew quilts and other items for those in need. 


Backpack Buddy

  • Backpack Buddy Program is a non-profit  charity providing ready-to-eat items to SantaFe ISD elementary students with limited or no access to food on weekends. Backpack Buddy meets every Wed. at 10am


Ladies Bible Study

Monday nights @ 6:00pm in Family Life Center Room #8

 Ladies Bible Study meets on Mondays @ 6:00pm in Sunday School Rm#8.  The current program has concluded.
Anyone that would  like to participate contact Staci Taylor at 409-771-6577.

Nurture Ministry

I.T. (Information Technology) Ministry

Nurture Ministry


The Nurture Committee is the ministry team that addresses the concerns of the congregation. Weddings, bereavement, Family ministry, Visitation, the Quilt Ministry, Angel Tree and the Card Ministry are all part of the Nurture Committee. We look forward to serving our Aldersgate family and are planning some exciting events for 2020.  The Circle has been renamed Susanna.  Contact Betty Lee at 662-582-2320 or BettyNelsonLee@yahoo.com for more information.



I.T. (Information Technology) Ministry

Nurture Ministry

The Communications Committee's function is to spread information about news and events to the church congregation and the surrounding community.  This is implemented by using newspaper, radio, message boards, Facebook and the church's website among others.  Video monitors are used throughout the church and updated weekly to help bring  attention to events happening in the church.  The Buddy Network was formed to make immediate contact with church members in case of an emergency effecting the surrounding church geographical area.

Computer technician

I.T. (Information Technology) Ministry

I.T. (Information Technology) Ministry

I.T. (Information Technology) Ministry

Have an interest in computers and electronics?  Churches use computers and other electronic devices in every facet of their operation.  These items constantly need updates, maintenance, upgrades and repair.  It's a challenge and we can always use more technicians to help out.  If you have experience in computer/electronic repair and maintenance, and would like to assist our team, please contact the church office.

(Yes, we pray A LOT!)  


Gardening Group

Do you have the desire to further your knowledge of plants? We have several "Master Gardeners" who facilitate  this group! Generally, the Gardening Group meets once a month (2nd Monday at 10am) for a guest speaker and light lunch. Occasionally, this  group hosts field trips throughout the year to visit local nurseries.  They welcome anyone who wishes to attend.


KAIROS Prison Ministry

Several times per year, we open our doors to KAIROS prison ministry so that they have a "home base" for this area.  They visit local prisons and talk to inmates about Jesus Christ hoping  to change their hearts and their minds. This program is run by  volunteers. Aldersgate is proud to offer assistance to this worthwhile ministry!


Missions Team

The Missions Team makes several trips each year in-state and out-of-state to participate in various programs.  If you are interested in joining the Mission Team, please contact Ricky or Ester Godbold for more information.

Sager Brown - UMCOR

Purpose of Sager Brown

    In 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit the coast of south Louisiana causing major damage to the area around Baldwin, La.  UMCOR came to the area with volunteers and supplies and used the old Sager Brown campus to stage their operations. After two years, UMCOR determined that the Sager Brown Campus would be an excellent location to build an UMCOR depot where disaster relief could be collected and provided to the world. The depot opened in 1996.


    The campus today is a living, working monument to over a century of United Methodist mission. UMCOR is a leader in service for the UMC to those who are hungry, displaced, sick or in poverty because of natural or human-made disasters. UMCOR serves in 81 countries of the world. Each year more that 3,000 volunteers come to USB to work in the UMCOR Depot or in service to the community of Baldwin, La., to help make a difference for people who are suffering.